Medical Weight Loss

What is medical weight loss?

Medical weight loss is a weight loss program in which a qualified medical professional assists you with your weight loss journey.

What happens during medical weight loss?

During your first medical weight loss appointment, your weight loss specialist completes a preliminary medical assessment, weigh-in, and guided goal setting to determine the best treatment option for you both medically and financially.

Your provider will review your medical history and perform a physical exam to determine underlying medical conditions responsible for stalled weight loss. Examples include hormone imbalance and nutrient deficiencies.

During subsequent appointments, your collaborative team monitors your weight, makes sure you stay on track with the program, and administers medical treatments or prescription medications that enhance weight loss. The practice also offers walk-in appointments for vitamin injections and prescription refills.

What is included in a medical weight loss program?

Medical weight loss packages at Elevate Wellness Arkansas often include combinations of the following:

Prescription medications & Dietary Supplementation

Your practitioner will let you know which prescription medicines or dietary supplements you should take to enhance fat burning, reduce your appetite, balance hormones, and increase your chance of weight loss success.

Vitamin injections

B12 and other vitamin injections increase your energy, enhance metabolism, boost your immune system, and help ease chronic pain during your weight loss journey.

IV therapy

Like vitamin injections, IV therapy increases vitamins and minerals within your body to boost metabolism, decrease nutrient deficiencies, optimize energy, and enhance your immune system. It helps hydrate you, as IV therapy infuses fluids and essential nutrients directly into your bloodstream.

Is medical weight loss right for me?

Anybody who is overweight or obese is a good candidate for medical weight loss, as your practitioner customizes weight loss plans based on your personalized needs. They monitor you throughout the process to make sure you stay healthy.

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