IV Therapy

Common Uses of Intravenous Therapy

So, what is IV therapy used for? Generally, the main types of IV therapy are:

Athletic performance recovery

After an intense workout, your body can be left feeling drained and sore. Whether you have run a marathon or hit the gym for a lifting session, you can be left feeling in need of a boost. IV therapy can be used to help athletes recover following periods of exertion. Recovery IV drip therapy includes a number of different components designed to support athletes during the recovery period. Fluids help rehydrate you, while vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids help improve your energy levels and repair any tissue damage.

Immune system support

The immune system fights off infection and keeps the body healthy, but we can still get sick. Whether you are worried about getting sick — especially during cold and flu season — or you’ve caught a bug, IV therapy can help support your immune system. IV therapy for immune system support includes a number of vitamins and minerals to naturally boost the immune system and reduce the chances of you catching a bug.

Long Night Out Recovery

Suffering from a hangover? Just finished a double shift? Studied all night for an exam? Symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, and headache can make it hard to concentrate and ruin your entire day. IV therapy can be a helpful way to find relief. This option includes fluids to help rehydrate the body, vitamins to help improve your energy levels, and medication to reduce the painful symptoms of nausea, heartburn and headache.

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